So I received the Emax II and it definitely needed some work.
The case was somewhat scratched up.
There were 6 broken keys and 3 with gouges in them.
It didn’t power up.

So I first had to work out the power problem.
One pole of the two pole power switch was bad – bypassed for testing….
Power On- floppy appears to have some issues, will replace with the slim floppy and a PC Card drive anyways- so no big worry there….
Dim Display- but workable…

No stereo- was hoping it had this update.
1MB memory- so no expansion- just no luck here with any of the upgrades…

Try the keys- not responding very well, they have to be pounded to get any sound.
Close inspection reveals that the unit got liquid all up in it, it’s a mess.
The key contacts are all gummed up.

Spend 3+ hours cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, and a dental pick.
Keys respond OK now.
There is mold in the case all over- most likely growing on the remains of the liquid that was spilled in here….

Hit up Ebay and buy some replacement Emax white keys.
Hit up and order-
new power switch
capacitors to re-cap power supply
capacitors to re-cap audio signal board of Emax 2 and Emax 1.
EEPROMs so I can do testing as to Stereo and Memory upgrade research in the future.
Got a part for the Stereo kit, in the event I recreate that.
The Crystal CS5326 / 5328 is going to be the hard part to get if I need it….
Find out Route 66 Studios may already be able to re-create the Stereo update- waiting to hear back from him in two weeks or so….
Hit up eBay again- I am gonna have two working keyboards- I need a keyboard stand with 2 tiers…

Remove everything from the case, scrub with Vinegar and a nylon brush to get rid of the mold and also to clean / prep for paint.
Mask the case up, covering the logos, input /output info, etc.
Repaint, then clear coat.

A week goes by during the paint / clearcoat process and I get the keys replaced in the keybed, the PS and Audio board re-caps done….
I cut and drill the mounting brackets for slim floppy to mount onto the PC Card drive.
Mount it up.
Put the stock parts back together- getting so close to being done.
Somewhere in all of this, my replacement slim floppy is flaky- gotta hit eBay again for a replacement….
The backlight on the display also went out. Will anything go right?
Fortunately for me, when I bought the Emax 1, I ordered displays in advance – 2 of them.
I replaced

the Emax 1 display right after I bought it.
So I have a display for Emax 2 already- pop it in- no words!!!
Hit up Jammie in the UK and he gives me the answer- the reflective angle is wrong.
Cut trace to pin 3, add 20K pot and VOILA! We have words on the display.

THANKS and a shout out to Jammie!

So now- waiting on Slim Floppy drives from eBay, possible Stereo upgrade.
The keyboard stand arrives today.

I will post some photos of before and after…. and also the Emaxes with PC card drives installed (Emax 1 and 2 keyboard and Emax 1 Rack.