As some persons do not understand the instructions I send for the modification or are not technically oriented I now have pictures for the procedure to modify the adapter.

**DISCLAIMER- I am not liable for any damages to the PCB nor any components that may be attached to the PCB resulting from attempts to modify the circuit.**

Perform Top and ITX cuts first, then PCB bottom modification.

Additional notes:

1) Pin 1 (stripe edge) of the floppy ribbon cable should be closest to the rear of the Emax 1/2 unit where it is attached to the Emax Logic board.

2) Where note #1 is correct, Pin 1 (Stripe edge) of the floppy ribbon cable goes closest to the ITX flat ribbon connector on the JM215A.

3) Some Emax 2 units have improperly keyed floppy cables that do not allow the plug to fit in the correct direction as per note #2 (the incorrect direction for the JM215A is where the stripe is nearest the power connector).

In those cases, the cable can be replaced, or the plastic key preventing proper orientation can be removed using  an exacto knife or similar.

4) Only a flat ITX ribbon with pins on opposing sides is correct for use with JM215A.

Use of a flat ITX ribbon with pins on the same side may result in damage to the floppy drive or floppy control circuit in the Emax unit, requiring replacement of the drive  and / or repair of the Emax drive circuit.