So this seems to be a common question that is easy to answer.

A) If you have an Emax with a revision 1 board, it can’t be upgraded.
B) If you have an Emax that is the HD or PLUS model – you already have the features this kit provides.
C) If you have an Emax with a revision 2 or revision 3 board then the answer is MAYBE.

So let’s clarify for “C”

If you open up your Emax, you need to look at some ICs and identify whether they are SCSI capable or not.

First – the EPROM at location IC13.
(IC 13 is fairly near the center of the board)

EPROMs that are marked IP424 and IP355 have SCSI functionality.
(example: IP424A3089 is a SCSI capable EPROM, while IP349 is NOT SCSI capable)
There may be others, but I don’t know what the IP numbers are.

Second – The SCSI TIM PAL (this is basically a “feature lock” chip).
While you can get a 5380 SCSI controller and copy an EPROM easily enough and even install those chips, without this unlocking chip, SCSI will never work.

The TIM PAL is located at IC49 on the end where the audio board connects to the main Emax logic board.
TIM PAL ICs which are known to support SCSI are IP356 and IP379a.
Other ICs with different IP numbers located at this position (for example IP344) DO NOT enable the SCSI functions.

Third – Is there an 5380 SCSI controller in IC6 location?
(IC 6 location is to the back of the machine right next to the connector where the SCSI cable actually plugs in)
If you don’t have IC6, you don’t have working SCSI. This is the chip that talks to SCSI devices.

So- if you have all 3 SCSI-capable items above – you have SCSI already, you don’t need a kit.
If you have none of the 3 items above – you don’t have SCSI.

If you want a SCSI kit, you may leave a comment for approval and I will contact you.

Finally- If you have 1 & 2, but not 3 above… what do you do?

Don’t buy a kit- you are paying too much!!!
You can get a 5380 sometimes on eBay, from Electronics surplus, etc.

I buy mine in quantity from UTSource from Hong Kong.
While it takes about two weeks to get the item, it is inexpensive and I believe they will sell you a single one.

They take PayPal.
I won’t link to them without permission, but you can google them. 🙂