OK- so with having done a couple of these OLED installs on Emax Rack mount units, I find that it is easy to break or miss a connection.  In addition, it’s pretty hard to see and follow the traces without a magnifying glass and some pretty good light as well.

So here is a pic so you can check that your display is making a connection.

This is some useful information, even if you aren’t putting in an OLED display, just to check your connections aren’t bad…. For example, if your display is not working properly.


NOTE: NC is for “No Connection”- the OLED display doesn’t use this pin.

BUT – on LCD and LED and EL with Backlight, this pin is for the reflective angle.

When it is necessary to check this connection (a backlight is in use), you can check it by connecting to the adjustment potentiometer connection. One of the potentiometer  connections to this pin will read zero ohms…



I felt the detail regards pin 1 and 2 of the display weren’t very good on the old picture, so I edited this new pic after consulting the Emax schematics and connector pinout confirmation for the ribbon.
Hopefully this is a little better.
It’s important to understand- I haven’t been able to find this pressed on connector that mates the ribbon to the board. So if the connections here become damaged on the connector itself due to overheat with the soldering iron – it will be quite the workaround to fix the connectivity.