So there is always the query- where can I get rack ears for Emax?
I don’t think you will find any premade, but here are 2 PDF images of the original rack ears directly scanned in.

Sorry for the dark background, but I had to leave the lid up to scan it….

Print the PDFs below ( img012 and img013 ) to paper  (make sure you don’t have any scaling changes) or take the PDFs to a machine shop, and they should be able to make them for you.

The scan is US Letter Size (8 1/2″ x 11 ” )

To validate the sizing- this is a 3U height rack space.  (1U = 1.75″) and considered an “L” bracket.

So the dimension of the metal shown is 5.25″.

The metal is 3/32″ thickness.

The dimension with 2 holes shown is  5.25″ x 7/8″ from the edge to the outside FLAT Surface (90 degree bend) of the “L”.

The dimension with 5 holes shown is 5.25″ x 13/16″ from the edge to the outside FLAT Surface.

The “L” is formed in such a way that: the 2 larger holes in the 5 hole side are up against the 2 hole dimension. The 2 hole dimension – the two holes are farther away from the joining edge. If the metal were laid flat it would be pretty close to this mock-up picture:

flattened bracket





No rack ears were harmed in the creation of this flattened-bracket picture. 😉

I don’t have a way to reliably measure the hole distances, but hopefully with the above dimensional information, the PDFs and pics\- when placed on a grid, the hole positioning can be confirmed.


If you want them to match your Emax color (it could be gray or black), take them to a powder coating shop and have them match the color in the PDF.

img012 img013