Due to failure of my IC programmer and my Emax testbed, I am no longer creating SCSI kits (since I can’t test them, and cannot in good conscience sell an “untested” product).

Since that is now the case, I am making the IC programs available.

WordPress will not allow me to post ZIP  or binary files here, so to acquire the files, you will have to access the Yahoo! Emax Users Group (free to join) and navigate to the Files section.


DISCLAIMER / AGREEMENT TO HOLD HARMLESS: You agree that the  original poster, WordPress, the hosting site(s), Yahoo!, et al. are not liable for any damages (incidental, associated, or direct), equipment failure, repair costs, any other costs, claims, etc… arising from use, misuse, or negligence in relation to these files.

The files come with no guarantee or support of any kind.


EMAX 1 IC Bundle  – IP379a SCSI TIM PAL, IP345c (not scsi related, but included for complete-ness), IP424A3089 BOOT EPROM BINARY

The “PAL” files and EPROM IP424 .BIN are fully tested and known working.

The “GAL” files are not fully tested, but may work fine…

The other “BIN” files are the original, proprietary files from E-Mu Systems.


EMAX 2 Memory IC Bundle  – Completely untested.

The “BIN” files are the original, proprietary files from E-Mu Systems.