So as this year comes to a close, I have started posting mixes on youtube.
I found that there was this low hum in the background of every webcam recording when using my Digi002 Rack interface into Quicktime “Movie Recording”.

I pulled apart my console and checked for loose connections…. couldn’t find any.
I took each cable out and tested for shorts or opens….nothing.
The odd thing was, if I recorded in ProTools with the same inputs, outputs, etc- NO HUM!!!!
I swapped out the mixer- no change…
I pulled the console apart again, unable to find anything.
Off to google…. I find various posts hinting that the Digidesign Core Audio Manager often leaves one with no sound or has other odd quirks.
So I hook a direct line input in to the Mac Pro and set that as my input…. NO HUM!!!!

so after like 4 nights of pulling the console apart it is a crappy piece of software causing the issue…. unbelievable.

Digidesign should fix that STEAMING PILE OF FECES!!!!

They charge hundreds for their audio interfaces and then you can only really use them with their software… that sucks.